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A transformative view

With a vision to challenge the Consultancy status quo, we aim to redefine how our clients achieve their business outcomes, creating greater value sooner and in ways that are difficult to replicate.


#ConsultancyRepurposedCAP knows that when the most relevant insights are assembled, shared and challenged from multiple perspectives, the best opportunities and outcomes will emerge. We do not re-invent the wheel unnecessarily, but instead use a range of techniques to capture, analyse and repurpose this breadth of insight, looking at where worlds collide and also the gaps between. A small but perfectly formed suite of approaches enhanced exponentially by perspective. Creative thinking across industry boundaries to give our clients transformational results, quickly. We have the inside-the-box thinking of the big consultancies, but the unique ability to deliver outside-the-box thinking without constraints.


#businessgrowthparadoxWhen we look to grow and scale organisations, we talk about go slow to go fast. By this we mean helping businesses to move with speed, but importantly to get the right building blocks in place from the outset, #SettingUpForSuccess. This is an important part of business growth and we are proud to work as a critical friend to help challenge, resource and commission your path.


#UniqueContribution© and #SettingUpForSuccess

#uniquecontributionEntrepreneurs by their very nature are dynamic able individuals, capable of doing most things that they put their mind to. But just because they can do something, it does not mean they should do it, especially if it stops them from doing what only they can do. Equally, in larger organisations time is often wasted and poor decisions made where there is insufficient consideration of who or where it’s best to take a decision, where delegated authority is inappropriate or where the clarity of the “ask” is missing. Our #UniqueContribution© test addresses each of these concerns, as well as applying a behavioural layer to prevent people becoming overwhelmed.

We will help you to stop doing what others can do equally well and give you the time back to be unique. We know how to ask the right questions to get the right answers and we do it in an interesting and engaging way.


#killingcomplexityHow often does that ‘quick fix’ or ‘workaround’ become embedded? How many of those “but it won’t take a minute” compromises become the new norm? Add these together, layer upon layer, and you rapidly get to ways of working that are compromised in so many ways; unnecessary complexity. The impact on profitability is obvious, the impact on people is often catastrophic and your ability to comply efficiently with regulation, devastating.

At the heart of what we do is #KillingComplexity©. Technology itself (inside the box) may be extremely complicated and intricate, but there is never a good reason why any organisation’s processes need to be complex. A well thought through operating model, which is simple to operate yet “genius” to design, is the nirvana. And this is what we do.

Outcome focus is essential. This means being clear on what is to be achieved and open to the ways in which that is delivered. It needs to recognise the #UniqueContribution© of individuals and refuse to compromise on optimising these or their motivational drivers. Done well, this releases huge amounts of untapped potential, exponentially increases productivity and associated profitability, whilst at the same time eliminates untold levels of stress. We call it #KillingComplexity©.

For a different approach, come and talk to us and be part of the change.

Business growth

Scaling up? Yes you can in 2018

Scaling up? Yes, you can

We are delighted to invite you to our breakfast event Scaling Up? Yes you can in 2018, on Friday December 15th at 8.30am.

At this event our CEO and Founding Partner, Stephen Warburton, will share his insights on the challenges that businesses face when accelerating growth, from the strategic to operational, whilst optimising profitability.

“I am often asked questions with a common thread from entrepreneurs and business decision-makers relating to concerns such as 'no one can do it as well as me', 'how can I protect the fruits of my labour', and 'how can I make best use of my time?'" Stephen said,

"As well as answers to these, here is what you can also expect from this complimentary session. I will help you to do the can-can with 'the Devil', understand what my 'unique contribution' test can do for your business, and how you can seize the day…today.”

You can with CAP

For aspirational small to medium businesses with leaders committed to inspire, we are developing a limited membership programme to advance Cambridge networking. This annual subscription service will provide highly experienced consultancy, communities of interest and advice, which is often inaccessible to companies at this stage of their development. On a favourable commercial terms.

Features will include 1:1 coaching, workshops, masterclasses, peer discussions, behavioural and personality tools (such as motivational maps), bespoke planning and business reviews, all underpinned by a dedicated personal relationship manager. This manifests as having C-level executives on your team without the commercial restrictions this talent normally attracts. So, you might say, you can have your cake and eat it.

An introduction to Stephen

Based out of Cambridge, Stephen is passionate in his support of high growth companies, drawing on a wealth of relevant experience stretching back to before the "Dot Com" boom. With over 25 years working across commercial finance and consulting, Stephen has been involved in many high-profile assignments, including large scale business transformation, IPOs and fund raises, cost reduction, risk management and governance, investigations, pricing and commercial strategy, and programme delivery and assurance.

As a partner within the “Big 4”, Stephen dedicated his career to working with start up and growth companies, leading FTSE and Fortune 500 telecoms and high-tech companies, and building professional service practices. He is now focused on leading the uniquely positioned Cambridge Advisory Partners (CAP) to bring accessible partner-led services to this very important market.

If you can't make the event but want to know more, get in contact with us today.