CAP knows its strengths and unashamedly plays to them, and them alone

Our disciplines

Our partners are each renowned experts in their fields and deliver three core types of assignment.

Strategy and target operating model

Whether you want to grow or evolve, we will define a strategy and ways of working to re-define your industry’s benchmark standard of excellence.

Operational effectiveness and supply chain optimisation

Whether scaling for growth, preparing for listing, or re-inventing - we have the credentials you need.

Governance, risk and compliance

Whether you’re after a complete Governance and Control framework or a Board effectiveness review, we have the relevant experience.

Our perspectives

All engagements challenge the “art of the possible” through considering each of four perspectives.  The way we do this is simultaneously unique and invigorating to be part of, whilst at the same time transformational for our clients.

Customer and user experience

Helping you see your customer interactions differently and how this could transform their view of value is essential - it is quite literally, game changing.

Digital and data

Are you ready to embrace the digital future?  Are you optimising the value from data you have, or could have?  Shine a light on the limitless opportunity that the information revolution brings - right from the heart of Cambridge.

Organisational development

Culture, values and motivation are at the heart of every successful organisation. We have an enviable suite of tools to help you unlock untold potential.


We are living in the connected economy - are you?  Challenging the status quo to secure higher quality and more sustainable revenue streams is a must.