Cambridge Advisory Partners (CAP)

Consultancy Re-imagined

“If an adequate strategy executed with passion, conviction and understanding delivers greater value than a superior strategy without, what could the future feel like if you achieved both?”

Consultancy re-imagined


CAP is all about creating industry leaders, ensuring clients achieve significant differentiation and secure unrivalled market position, and then driving home that advantage.

Our Partners

We’re a boutique practice of highly-experienced consulting partners, CEOs, entrepreneurs and behavioural specialists.

Our Disciplines…what we do

CAP knows its strengths and unashamedly plays to them, and them alone. We deliver three types of assignment:

–  Strategy and target operating model

–  Governance, risk and compliance

–  Operational effectiveness and supply chain optimisation

These are our “disciplines” and our partners are each renowned experts in these fields.

Our Disciplines

Strategy & Operating Models


Our Disciplines

Operational Effectiveness & Supply Chain Optimisation

Our Disciplines

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Where CAP is truly unique and where it defines #ConsultancyRepurposed© is its application of four inextricably linked “perspectives”:

–  User and customer experience

–  Digital and data

–  Organisational development and behaviours

–  Commercial

…and the four Perspectives we apply

Our Perspectives

Customer & User Experience

Our Perspectives

Digital & Data Design

Our Perspectives

Organisation Development

Our Perspectives

Commercial Alignment

But, unlike others, we:

–  Are industry agnostic, focusing on outcomes and how they are best achieved, regardless of sector

–  Secure insights through combining “big data”, social/business media (inc. discussion forums), relevant networks and bespoke research

–  Utilise opensource tools and techniques, but creatively, in ways others have yet to imagine

–  Continuously look at where disparate worlds collide and where opportunities to re-define the accepted norm exist

For CAP, simply looking to “catch up” through benchmarking-led approaches is never enough. Our approach goes beyond this and ensures we set our clients apart from their competitors, delivering growth and scale, stability and progress, and transformation and market leadership.

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