Cambridge Advisory Partners (CAP)


We always start with the end in mind, defining the right questions to answer and take an inclusive behavioural approach to solving them…supported by real data.

We are proactive and will always look to challenge perceived wisdom because winners break through barriers…not iterate to catch up.

…and we are passionate about learning and building understanding.  Being inquisitive is in our DNA.

Challenging the Consultancy status quo

Our Guiding Principles


CAP knows that when the most relevant insights are assembled, shared and challenged from multiple perspectives, the best opportunities and outcomes will emerge. We do not re-invent the wheel unnecessarily, but instead use a range of techniques to capture, analyse and repurpose this breadth of insight, looking at where worlds collide and also the gaps between. We have the inside-the-box thinking of the big consultancies, but the unique ability to deliver outside-the-box thinking without constraints.


The impact on profitability on those ‘quick fix’ or ‘workaround’ projects is immense, not to mention the impact on people involved. A well thought through operating model, which is simple to operate yet “genius” to design, is the nirvana. We work with clients to release huge amounts of untapped potential, exponentially increase productivity and associated profitability, whilst at the same time eliminate untold levels of stress. We call it #KillingComplexity©.


Entrepreneurs often do something because they can, and in larger organisations time is often wasted and poor decisions made where there is insufficient consideration of who or where it’s best to take a decision, where delegated authority is inappropriate or where the clarity of the “ask” is missing. We will help you to stop doing what others can do equally well and give you the time back to be unique. We know how to ask the right questions to get the right answers and we do it in an interesting and engaging way.


When we look to grow and scale organisations, we talk about go slow to go fast. By this we mean helping businesses to move with speed, but importantly to get the right building blocks in place from the outset, #SettingUpForSuccess. This is an important part of business growth and we are proud to work as a critical friend to help challenge, resource and commission your path.