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Stephen warburton

Managing Partner

Stephen is our Managing Partner as well as being a Chartered Accountant and Lawyer.  He was formerly a Partner in the “Big 4” and specialises in Operating Models & Governance.

Stephen is currently CEO at Cambridge Innovation Parks as well as being a Board Member at Kynesim, Paragon Land & Estates and LSA Planning.  He previously held similar roles at a number of Fortune 500 companies.

Joanne Hixon


Joanne is one of our hidden talents.  She has spent decades leading the transformation of “User Experience” at major consumer brands but now prefers to work behind the scenes to grow Customer Centric leaders of the future.

Joanne holds an MBA and has participated in numerous programmes at the University of Cambridge.

Neil Spence Jones


Neil is an established “name” in the Cambridge Technology Community.  He has been responsible for bringing many household technologies to market including Set Top boxes and Home Automation.

Neil combines his role at Cambridge Advisory Partners with being CEO of our Partner Company “Kynesim”.

Partner - Lisa Warburton

Lisa Warburton


Lisa is a highy experienced Consultant and has worked on numerous high profile programmes.  Lisa is a Chartered Town Planner and was formerly a Partner at Bidwells LLP.

Lisa is currently the CEO of LSA Planning and is unrivalled in her ability to #killcomplexity with a track record of creating and delivering successful strategies


Alan Marston

Associate Partner

Alan is a seasoned finance professional with over 40 years experience in the banking and finance sector.  He learned his skills with Handelsbanken & Barclays Bank PLC and recently set up ADM Financial Consultant Limited.

Alan provides support in relation to seeking funding and has access to funding lines, whether they be Development Funding, Investment Property, Term Loans, Commercial Mortgages, Invoice Discounting etc. 

Gawain Edwards

Associate Partner

Gawain is an experienced IoT architect with 20+ years of professional experience designing, implementing and managing connected devices, high availability platforms and mobile applications at scale. 

Gawain is also the Chief Scientist at our Partner company “Kynesim”.

Sarah James

Associate Partner

Sarah is a data scientist and process design specialist.  Having trained with a large global IT leader, she now focuses on applying this same thinking to re-imagine business processes.

Nothing is too complex for Sarah and outside of work she is  undertaking further post graduate studies into business behaviour.