2019 and a New Year’s Resolution that I might actually keep……. 2/2

“Several years back I started my own company in Cambridge. Capitalising on the areas’ status as Europe’s “top tech’ hub” and the availability of local talent and business expertise, things have gone from strength to strength. I have financial backing and a full order book. I also have a great family, good friends and colleagues. I earn well and am respected by my peers.  I’m ‘living the dream’.  So why do I feel unfulfilled?”

Continuing the theme of ‘living in the present’ and the work of Eckhart Tolle https://cambridgeap.com/blog/2019-and-a-new-years-resolution-that-i-might-actually-keep/ , he goes on to suggests a number of tactics for separating the mind from the body:

‘Ruminatus Interruptus’ or, breaking the continuous flow of thought.  With your new awareness of the power of your mind and the ways it influences your thoughts and actions (&happiness!), ask yourself the following: “What will my next thought be?”

 If you commit to this action you will interrupt the flow of/ from the mind.  Doing this regularly will allow you to interrupt at will, reduce the power of the mind and separate yourself from it. Judging requires you to engage the mind and so plays into its hands. Focus on avoiding making judgements. If, in the middle of your working day, your body tells you it wants to run… don’t analyse the emotion, follow the impulse instead.   Later, when your (nagging) mind tells you that you’ve wasted time and should have been working, don’t judge.  Accept the sentiment but don’t act on it. You’ve broken the link between your mind at the need to follow its every command.

Judging requires you to engage the mind and so plays into its hands. Focus on avoiding making judgements.  If, in the middle of your working day, your body tells you it wants to run… don’t analyse the emotion, follow the impulse instead.   Later, when your (nagging)mind tells you that you’ve wasted time and should have been working, don’t judge.  Accept the sentiment but don’t act on it. You’ve broken the link between your mind at the need to follow its every command. 

[Those of a certain age might fondly recognise the picture on the left.  For the rest of you –Google it, you’ve been missing out.]

Tolle’s 3rd suggestion for separation of mind and body is “active waiting”.  This is the idea that anything could happen at any time, it could be important, and you need to be ready for it. 

 As a result, your focus must be on the NOW. There is no time or space for daydreaming, planning or recalling past memories.  

This focus also promotes further awareness of the body which may be called upon to be ready for anything and so the senses are heightened. 

So, we’re better at living in the NOW, managing the mind’s control over us and we’re a “coiled spring”, ready for action.  Excellent, we’re on the path to personal happiness, fulfilment and, (for the spiritual amongst you), enlightenment.  Things are looking up ….

“I’m now living mainly in the present – this is good.  

Unfortunately, my partner has left me – this is not good. “

Living with someone who is ‘fully in the present’ creates challenges for those who share their life. 

The ego of the partner may find the peace and calm exhibited
by their newly enlightened ‘other half’ both challenging and threatening.   

Strong opposites struggle to co-exist in close proximity andthe partner’s ego may become problematic by trying to disrupt the peace, or continually referring to the past.  In dealing with this issue it’s important to recognize that this is not the partner’s conscious behaviour.  

By not judging, criticizing or attempting to change thepartner you have the opportunity to see and deal with them as they really are.  Obviously, if they perceive that your new outlook is driving your happiness and fulfilment, they can choose to follow a similar path.

“This is great – I’ll never feel pain again….”

If you never feel pain, you’re one of the following:

 Clinically insane

Heavily medicated (in which case, sharing can be  good…)


(Please select as appropriate)

Even if you are fully ‘in the present’, feelings of pain and sadness are natural and unavoidable.  So, should you suppress them and pretend everything is fine?   (Answer:  No)

Not all pain is self-created – some is beyond our control.  For example, the death of aloved one – this pan is real and unavoidable. Living in the present allows us to mourn and feel sadness. It also allows us to accept the situation as it is and that it can’t be changed –thereby avoiding additional and unnecessary pain. Accepting the situation, while feeling sad means you’re not wasting your time and energy on wishing things were different. 

Finally, does living in the present mean living a passive life; unwilling to address things that irritate or trouble us?

Not really.

It is an internal process and insights that need not preclude appropriate action to improve your situation

Rather than accept the status quo, the insights derived allow for a rational analysis of the changes needed, breaking them down into individual and manageable issues to be resolved one by one. Focusing on the present, keeping the past and the future where they belong, allows an assessment of what’s wrong NOW and provides a framework for making the necessary changes.  

As mentioned at the top of this blog, I’ve not yet experienced a major life-changing impact from practising Tolle’s techniques andtactics. I have however seen some positive changes and hope to benefit furtherby ongoing application.   If you would like to comment or discuss further, please contact me via the CAP website… https://cambridgeap.com/contact/

Chris Taylor



CAP30 is an exclusive, client-centred development community for leaders of local businesses who are focused on scaling up during 2018, and for whom a tailored and flexible workplace-based approach works better than an MBA.

CAP30 is for businesses that are looking for faster, more reliable growth, and a robust strategy to support their business goals.
CAP30 delivers increased skills, confidence, business focus, and the opportunity to direct more of your time to the things that matter most to you.

If you are interested in finding out more about CAP30 please contact Nicola.Mullarkey@CambridgeAP.com

principles header

A transformative view

With a vision to challenge the Consultancy status quo, we aim to redefine how our clients achieve their business outcomes, creating greater value sooner and in ways that are difficult to replicate.


#ConsultancyRepurposedCAP knows that when the most relevant insights are assembled, shared and challenged from multiple perspectives, the best opportunities and outcomes will emerge. We do not re-invent the wheel unnecessarily, but instead use a range of techniques to capture, analyse and repurpose this breadth of insight, looking at where worlds collide and also the gaps between. A small but perfectly formed suite of approaches enhanced exponentially by perspective. Creative thinking across industry boundaries to give our clients transformational results, quickly. We have the inside-the-box thinking of the big consultancies, but the unique ability to deliver outside-the-box thinking without constraints.


#businessgrowthparadoxWhen we look to grow and scale organisations, we talk about go slow to go fast. By this we mean helping businesses to move with speed, but importantly to get the right building blocks in place from the outset, #SettingUpForSuccess. This is an important part of business growth and we are proud to work as a critical friend to help challenge, resource and commission your path.


#UniqueContribution© and #SettingUpForSuccess

#uniquecontributionEntrepreneurs by their very nature are dynamic able individuals, capable of doing most things that they put their mind to. But just because they can do something, it does not mean they should do it, especially if it stops them from doing what only they can do. Equally, in larger organisations time is often wasted and poor decisions made where there is insufficient consideration of who or where it’s best to take a decision, where delegated authority is inappropriate or where the clarity of the “ask” is missing. Our #UniqueContribution© test addresses each of these concerns, as well as applying a behavioural layer to prevent people becoming overwhelmed.

We will help you to stop doing what others can do equally well and give you the time back to be unique. We know how to ask the right questions to get the right answers and we do it in an interesting and engaging way.


#killingcomplexityHow often does that ‘quick fix’ or ‘workaround’ become embedded? How many of those “but it won’t take a minute” compromises become the new norm? Add these together, layer upon layer, and you rapidly get to ways of working that are compromised in so many ways; unnecessary complexity. The impact on profitability is obvious, the impact on people is often catastrophic and your ability to comply efficiently with regulation, devastating.

At the heart of what we do is #KillingComplexity©. Technology itself (inside the box) may be extremely complicated and intricate, but there is never a good reason why any organisation’s processes need to be complex. A well thought through operating model, which is simple to operate yet “genius” to design, is the nirvana. And this is what we do.

Outcome focus is essential. This means being clear on what is to be achieved and open to the ways in which that is delivered. It needs to recognise the #UniqueContribution© of individuals and refuse to compromise on optimising these or their motivational drivers. Done well, this releases huge amounts of untapped potential, exponentially increases productivity and associated profitability, whilst at the same time eliminates untold levels of stress. We call it #KillingComplexity©.

For a different approach, come and talk to us and be part of the change.


Contributing to The Cambridge Phenomenon

Our modus operandi is to be the breathing embodiment of the Cambridge cluster. We’ve embraced the well documented Cambridge Phenomenon, paying it forward where we can and sharing selflessly.

Part of the phenomenon’s success is to engage academia and entrepreneurship and be able to translate opportunities into real world strategies, and it is here we are playing a pivotal role:

  • We provide access to a distributed network of partners who have worked internationally in companies of all sizes
  • With many of our home-grown SME’s destined to be unicorns of the future, we help articulate the journey from start-up to industry-leading business and co-develop an achievable and supported route map
  • We actively build initiatives to connect growth businesses with exceptional executives, relevant communities and complimentary organisations looking to embrace new challenges

Find out more about our commitment to Cambridge.

About us

Why Cambridge Advisory Partners?

CAP is all about creating industry leaders, ensuring clients achieve significant differentiation and secure unrivalled market position, and then driving home that advantage.

We don’t accept that it’s ever enough to merely survive, and we only work with clients with a burning desire to thrive.

We are expert practitioners in the #BusinessGrowthParadox© of going slow to go fast, believe in #KillingComplexity© and utilise everyone’s #UniqueContribution©. Our overarching approach is #ConsultancyRepurposed© - to define the very essence of business consultancy in the connected digital society.

CAP knows that when the most relevant insights are assembled, shared and challenged from multiple perspectives, the best opportunities and outcomes will emerge.

We help you achieve this with pace and energy, embracing lateral thinking and delivering practical and sustainable solutions in an ethical way, always focussing on the outcome.

CAP knows this is best achieved when you harness both behavioural drivers and technology differentiators to truly motivate, and when you are unbiased towards industry norms and perceived wisdom.

We will not compromise on quality. We will never commit to more than our partners can oversee and we see our greatest abilities in being able to understand your business more clearly, identify opportunities more quickly and unlock the greatest realisable value.

To join our exciting client base, let's discuss how we can work with you.

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The Partners behind CAP

CAP is a boutique practice of highly-experienced consulting partners, CEOs, successful entrepreneurs and behavioural specialists committed to delivering a more accessible partner-led service, making a real and measurable difference.

We are far more than a group of senior executives who have undertaken this type of work before. We are agile. We are creative. And above all, we are a team that has invested time to become attuned to the behaviours that either inhibit or facilitate success.

We are open, collaborative and all committed to continuous learning and knowledge sharing. We continuously challenge the art of the possible, giving our clients more options and greater confidence to go further, faster.

We have specialists in unlocking the benefits of flat, dynamic structures. We have team members steeped in recruitment and talent management, and we have people familiar with managing investor relations and external reporting requirements.

We believe that all assignments should be partner-led and assign the most relevant leader for your needs who is committed to making a lasting difference to your business.

Stephen Warburton – Managing Partner

Stephen is one of the country's leading "go to" people when it comes to growth and governance. He has over two decades of experience of working with start-up and growth companies, leading FTSE and Fortune 500 telecoms and high tech companies, and building Professional Service practices.

Chris Taylor – Partner

Chris has over 20 years of experience working in the UK and internationally with HR consulting firms, leading sales teams focussed on high-value solutions with FTSE and Fortune 500 companies. Working as a sales director, he has led high performing sales teams and is known as a rainmaker in achieving multimillion dollar corporate deals with his clients.

Caroline Brown – Partner

Caroline has 20 years of experience at plc board level, driving strategic growth and leading high-performing teams in the media, professional services, fintech and technology sectors. She thrives in entrepreneurial markets.

Bevis Moynan – Partner

Bevis is the only coach globally to be both a senior trainer of motivational mapping and a trainer of neuro linguistic programming. Bevis provides bespoke and unique business growth and advisory services with the intention of improving engagement and motivation at work.

Sara Barrie - Partner

Sara helps people and organisations to be their best and realise their potential, by enhancing leadership capability. A recognised business leader, she is an engaging, authentic and passionate coach who brings fresh thinking, challenge and fun.

Working with us

Ever wondered what it would be like to work with some of the country’s brightest minds who help clients unlock exceptional value? That’s what CAP does every day. Why not have a chat to us about how you can become part of something very special.

What we do

Our unique approach at CAP

CAP knows its strengths and unashamedly plays to them, and them alone. We deliver three types of assignment:

  1. Strategy and target operating model
  2. Governance, risk and compliance
  3. Operational effectiveness and supply chain optimisation

These are our “disciplines” and our partners are each renowned experts in these fields.

Where CAP is truly unique and where it defines #ConsultancyRepurposed© is its application of four inextricably linked “perspectives”:

  1. User and customer experience
  2. Digital and data
  3. Organisational development and behaviours
  4. Commercial

But, unlike others, we:

  • Are industry agnostic, focusing on outcomes and how they are best achieved, regardless of sector
  • Secure insights through combining “big data”, social/business media (inc. discussion forums), relevant networks and bespoke research
  • Utilise opensource tools and techniques, but creatively, in ways others have yet to imagine
  • Continuously look at where disparate worlds collide and where opportunities to re-define the accepted norm exist

For CAP, simply looking to “catch up” through benchmarking-led approaches is never enough. Our approach goes beyond this and ensures we set our clients apart from their competitors, delivering growth and scale, stability and progress, and transformation and market leadership.

Our disciplines

Strategy and target operating models

Why change unless you want to be the best? We see target operating model work as an opportunity for transformation. Whether you want to grow or evolve, we will define a strategy and ways of working to take you to industry leadership, allowing both differentiation and longer-term cost leadership to re-define your industry’s benchmark standard of excellence.

Operational effectiveness and supply chains

#KillingComplexity© is one of our mantras. With experience of working with owners on scaling for growth, successful businesses ready for listing, or established businesses re-inventing to take advantage of technology and market advances, we have the credentials you need. We have an intense focus on playing to strengths, finding the #UniqueContribution© and eliminating “time theft”. Our clients spend more time doing the things that differentiate them. Going faster because they partner with others who are specialists in their own domain. And having access to greater opportunities because they see the value in collaboration.

Governance, risk and compliance

There is nothing our team doesn’t know about this area. Whether you’re after compliance review or addressing governance with game changing thinking around flat structure leadership, we have the experience to make a positive impact. And we always ensure that more relevant insight is created at less cost with significantly less disruption.



Our value goes well beyond our finely tuned, expert-led discipline expertise. How we deliver this using our unique perspectives is transformational. We invest heavily in creating these perspectives, following the latest thinking, engaging in and leading the most relevant debates and creating forums for collaboration across sector and functional boundaries to tease out the very best ways for our clients to deliver their required outcomes; but we don’t merely replicate what others have done, we translate, re-imagine and repurpose to create sources of sustainable competitive advantage.

Customer and user experience

This perspective looks to help our clients optimise how they serve their customers and clients, understanding what customers are looking for, what they value and are prepared to pay for, how they prefer to interact, and the true nature and respective needs of the customer provider relationship. Fail to deliver what the customer needs and there will be no market. Over deliver where there is no perceived value and you’re incurring unnecessary cost and affording competitors cost advantage.

Digital and data

The world we live in is increasingly digitising and often in ways that we couldn’t have imagined even a few years ago. This pace of change is set to increase with AI, distributed privacy and big data gathering momentum. This perspective analyses how our clients can take advantage, not just of these developments, but also from the inherent value in its intrinsic data sets and how it can drive advantage (including “built in” compliance) from a well organised data architecture. Such is the importance of this area that not only does CAP have its own research capability, but it also has active partnerships with researchers in the university and beyond.

Organisational development

Whilst the impact of AI cannot be underestimated, people remain one of the greatest assets a company has. Aligned and motivated, it will feel like there is nothing that can’t be achieved. Without this, it’s always going to be a tougher ride. Our partners are passionate about people and people development, both at an individual and system level, and have worked with some of the largest talent management companies around. We have a network of specialists from numerous fields including, for example, psychologists, NLP master practitioners and motivation scientist. We have access to a suite of tools ranging from motivational maps through to resilience and mental toughness, which we routinely deploy to add a degree of richness that other strategy consultancies find hard to match.


#KillingComplexity© and the #BusinessGrowthParadox© are at the heart of what we think about. Creating the environment where people and organisations play to their strengths, killing the “theft” of valuable time is essential, collaborating vs competing, and taking the right “Make vs Buy” decisions without ego because it is the right thing to do. Helping clients understand which assets are core and how they can be monetised in ways that they had never thought of is of very significant value, and an area of strength for CAP. Within our team we have accountants, lawyers, entrepreneurs, scientists and operations directors who are each passionate about discovering increasingly effective commercial models and are each committed to continuous learning.

Come and talk to us to understand how our disciplines and perspectives can help make your business unique!

Our values

Being clear on our values

Our foundation at CAP is based on values, principles and ways of working that we will not compromise on. Only those who are wholeheartedly committed to these can be part of the CAP family.

Our values

  • We act ethically and with humanity, operating with honesty, transparency and integrity
  • We contribute to our people, clients and communities, using our talents and resources to add value and build sustainable futures

Our principles

  • We lead by example and actively support each other
  • We act in the best interests of our people, clients and communities, being transparent in our actions and decisions
  • We conduct our personal and professional lives in line with our ethics and professional standing
  • We are inquisitive, behaviourally curious and committed to lifelong learning
  • Client work will always be partner-led
  • We encapsulate the Cambridge identity in our work and philosophy, seeking innovation, collaboration, inclusion, curiosity, balance and diversity

Our clients will experience us as

  • Interested, investigative, passionate and innovative – we will bring all our curiosity and available talents to each client
  • Reliable, results-driven, adding value and behaving ethically – we will do the right thing even if that is difficult, including telling you if we are not the right fit
  • Acting with integrity, humanity and empathy – we are not here to judge, we are here to help

Is this what you would like from your business partner? If so please contact us today.