2019 and a New Year’s Resolution that I might actually keep……. 2/2

“Several years back I started my own company in Cambridge. Capitalising on the areas’ status as Europe’s “top tech’ hub” and the availability of local talent and business expertise, things have gone from strength to strength. I have financial backing and a full order book. I also have a great family, good friends and colleagues. I earn well and am respected by my peers.  I’m ‘living the dream’.  So why do I feel unfulfilled?”

Continuing the theme of ‘living in the present’ and the work of Eckhart Tolle https://cambridgeap.com/blog/2019-and-a-new-years-resolution-that-i-might-actually-keep/ , he goes on to suggests a number of tactics for separating the mind from the body:

‘Ruminatus Interruptus’ or, breaking the continuous flow of thought.  With your new awareness of the power of your mind and the ways it influences your thoughts and actions (&happiness!), ask yourself the following: “What will my next thought be?”

 If you commit to this action you will interrupt the flow of/ from the mind.  Doing this regularly will allow you to interrupt at will, reduce the power of the mind and separate yourself from it. Judging requires you to engage the mind and so plays into its hands. Focus on avoiding making judgements. If, in the middle of your working day, your body tells you it wants to run… don’t analyse the emotion, follow the impulse instead.   Later, when your (nagging) mind tells you that you’ve wasted time and should have been working, don’t judge.  Accept the sentiment but don’t act on it. You’ve broken the link between your mind at the need to follow its every command.

Judging requires you to engage the mind and so plays into its hands. Focus on avoiding making judgements.  If, in the middle of your working day, your body tells you it wants to run… don’t analyse the emotion, follow the impulse instead.   Later, when your (nagging)mind tells you that you’ve wasted time and should have been working, don’t judge.  Accept the sentiment but don’t act on it. You’ve broken the link between your mind at the need to follow its every command. 

[Those of a certain age might fondly recognise the picture on the left.  For the rest of you –Google it, you’ve been missing out.]

Tolle’s 3rd suggestion for separation of mind and body is “active waiting”.  This is the idea that anything could happen at any time, it could be important, and you need to be ready for it. 

 As a result, your focus must be on the NOW. There is no time or space for daydreaming, planning or recalling past memories.  

This focus also promotes further awareness of the body which may be called upon to be ready for anything and so the senses are heightened. 

So, we’re better at living in the NOW, managing the mind’s control over us and we’re a “coiled spring”, ready for action.  Excellent, we’re on the path to personal happiness, fulfilment and, (for the spiritual amongst you), enlightenment.  Things are looking up ….

“I’m now living mainly in the present – this is good.  

Unfortunately, my partner has left me – this is not good. “

Living with someone who is ‘fully in the present’ creates challenges for those who share their life. 

The ego of the partner may find the peace and calm exhibited
by their newly enlightened ‘other half’ both challenging and threatening.   

Strong opposites struggle to co-exist in close proximity andthe partner’s ego may become problematic by trying to disrupt the peace, or continually referring to the past.  In dealing with this issue it’s important to recognize that this is not the partner’s conscious behaviour.  

By not judging, criticizing or attempting to change thepartner you have the opportunity to see and deal with them as they really are.  Obviously, if they perceive that your new outlook is driving your happiness and fulfilment, they can choose to follow a similar path.

“This is great – I’ll never feel pain again….”

If you never feel pain, you’re one of the following:

 Clinically insane

Heavily medicated (in which case, sharing can be  good…)


(Please select as appropriate)

Even if you are fully ‘in the present’, feelings of pain and sadness are natural and unavoidable.  So, should you suppress them and pretend everything is fine?   (Answer:  No)

Not all pain is self-created – some is beyond our control.  For example, the death of aloved one – this pan is real and unavoidable. Living in the present allows us to mourn and feel sadness. It also allows us to accept the situation as it is and that it can’t be changed –thereby avoiding additional and unnecessary pain. Accepting the situation, while feeling sad means you’re not wasting your time and energy on wishing things were different. 

Finally, does living in the present mean living a passive life; unwilling to address things that irritate or trouble us?

Not really.

It is an internal process and insights that need not preclude appropriate action to improve your situation

Rather than accept the status quo, the insights derived allow for a rational analysis of the changes needed, breaking them down into individual and manageable issues to be resolved one by one. Focusing on the present, keeping the past and the future where they belong, allows an assessment of what’s wrong NOW and provides a framework for making the necessary changes.  

As mentioned at the top of this blog, I’ve not yet experienced a major life-changing impact from practising Tolle’s techniques andtactics. I have however seen some positive changes and hope to benefit furtherby ongoing application.   If you would like to comment or discuss further, please contact me via the CAP website… https://cambridgeap.com/contact/

Chris Taylor

Our Winter Comfort Campaign 2018

The festive season is all about giving so this Christmas we have come together with Cofinitive who are running a campaign to collect donations from across Cambridge in aid of Wintercomfort.
Wintercomfort supports men and women who are homeless or vulnerable by offering them vital welfare services and opportunities for learning and training. Their day centre is open seven days a week. They will be open throughout the festive period, including Christmas Day, providing Christmas dinner with all the trimmings.
In the last year they have helped 742 individuals, welcoming an average of 52 people each day into their day centre. They supported 52 people back into employment, making lasting, positive changes in their lives.
Wintercomfort is in need of the following items:
Socks Thermal Socks Pants (new please)
Ladies knickers (new please)
Ladies bras
Waterproof trousers
Waterproof jackets
Good quality backpacks
Good quality sleeping bags
Roll mats
Thermarest airbeds (that don’t need pumps)
Nail clippers
Shower gel
Tooth brush + paste
Men and Women’s Deodorant
Men’s Razors
Shaving Gel (not cream)
Make up/aftershave Baby/face wipes
Chocolate bars + sweets
Hot chocolate sachets
Mini flask
Sewing kit
Hand warmers
Notepad and pen
Key rings
Supermarket vouchers
Sim free budget mobile phones (RRP £15)
Dog toys
Dog food
So whilst you’re doing your Christmas shopping, why not add a few of the above to your list and drop them off at our office.
Cambridge Advisory Partners
(box located at reception)
Regis Building
1010 Cambourne Business Park
CB23 6DP
Contributions can be made until noon on 20th December, and then we will be delivering all donations to Wintercomfort. Thank you for supporting the campaign!


The Cambridge Advisory Partners Team

Challenging the business consultancy status quo

New Cambridge-based advisory firm brings decades of Big 4 experience to contribute to regional Phenomenon

CAMBRIDGE (26th February 2018) –

There’s a new game-changer to Cambridge businesses and it isn’t bound by industry or technology. Catering to the most ambitious scale-ups to those established industry heavyweights, this team of innovative forward-thinkers is ready to shake things up.

Cambridge Advisory Partners (CAP) is a boutique practice of highly-experienced consulting partners who work with entrepreneurs to accelerate business growth and routinely win in the market. They’ve been quietly perfecting their craft since setting up in 2017, but now CAP is ready to take the Cambridge business world by storm, opening eyes and minds to unimaginable possibilities. CAP is all about creating industry leaders through differentiation and agile opportunism.

CAP Managing Partner Stephen Warburton said,

“Having led Big 4 consultancy businesses for as long as I have, I could see a better way of working and with Cambridge Advisory Partners I have an excellent team who all share the view of looking for answers where different industries collide, and in the spaces in between.”

Cambridge is a hub of knowledge and innovation, but amongst its expertise opportunities are missed to turn them into business strategies due to a lack of overview. CAP is addressing this problem with its industry and technological neutrality, and distributed network of international experience in various capacities.

In their new approach to consulting, CAP wants to get to the very essence of business consultancy in the ever-connected digital society we live in. The art of going slow to go fast, a part of the Business Growth Paradox they subscribe to, is a difficult one to master but as a team of experts CAP knows its strengths and plays to them unashamedly.


CAP is a boutique practice of highly-experienced consulting partners comfortable with success and accustomed to ensuring clients accelerate business growth and secure market leadership.

CAP is all about creating industry leaders, ensuring our clients achieve significant differentiation and secure unrivalled market leadership, and then driving home that advantage.

CAP knows that when the most relevant insights are assembled, shared and challenged from multiple perspectives, the best opportunities and outcomes will emerge. CAP knows this is best achieved when you harness both behavioural drivers and technology differentiators to truly motivate, and when you are unbiased towards industry norms and perceived wisdom.


Are you wondering if we can do this for your business? If yes, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.